My mother needed some help driving around and was reluctant to impose on her friends, so it started out with a ride to the doctor's, the dentist, the drug store, the grocery. As time went on, she needed a hand with meal prep and some light housekeeping. We were able to set up a regular rotation of helpers who came to the house and she looked forward to their visits. As her strength deteriorated, she wasn't able to get out and about quite as often, so these wonderful caregivers were needed even more. Their companionship gave joy to her days and later, eased her mind about being alone overnight. They quickly went from helpers to friends and eventually became like family. We are so very, very grateful for Seniors Helping Seniors. They gave Mom a way to keep some of her independence, they kept her mind involved and her sense of purpose strong. I believe in my heart that their presence brightened her days, soothed her nights, filled her heart and extended her life. They were there for her when we couldn't be. They are truly angels in training and I thank God for each and every one. -Kim A.

— Kim A.