Seniors Helping Seniors is professional, caring and, certainly in my mother's case, a blessing. Let's start with Diana Cabassi, who took the time to come to my mother's house to meet and get to know her in order to pair her up with a caretaker who was the right fit. "I have just the person for you," Diana told us at the first meeting. That person turned out to be Rosalind. Turns out that Diana was spot on. Rosalind was an angel sent from heaven. She immediately bonded with my mom. To call Rosalind a caregiver is not giving her enough credit. She takes care of my mom as if she were her own mother. Besides taking my mom shopping, to doctor's appointments, etc. Rosalind is a great listener. My mom says that her favorite moments with Rosalind are when they are simply talking. The peace of mind that Rosalind brings to my family is enormous. I could go on and on but will just say that if you need help taking care of an elderly parent, go no further than Seniors Helping Seniors. These ladies are first rate. Thank you Diana and Rosalind.

— Jorge Milian