I want to share our wonderful experience with Diana who runs Seniors for seniors in my area.
Diana has hand picked each caregiver we've had to fit my mothers care. Everyone who has walked through my door has been a godsend.  Sweet, caring, good natured, upbeat, and HONEST!

The care that these ladies have given my mom keeps her mobile, and engaged with the outside world. They go to movies, Flamingo Gardens, Tree Tops Park, play card games and board games. This gives me the peace of mind so I can work part time and also have my play days.

I cannot say enough to explain the great level of care they give and trust I have in them.

— Marie Moore

Think outside the box. SeniorCare isn't just for the ill. One of the things our Mom appreciated at this time of year was the way her SeniorCare ladies worked with her for the Holidays to make the season bright. They wove strings of lights through the front planter (she loved the outside lights). They placed well-loved decorations throughout the house, and helped her make cookies using old family recipes. Together, they fixed other holiday treats to give to neighbors and friends. They listened to her as she shared holiday memories and gently placed revered ornaments on the tree, following her direction to be sure they were "in just the right spot". The caregivers assisted with wrapping gifts and helped Mom with all those holiday tasks that she had trouble doing by herself... they gave her back the fun of preparing for the holiday, of feeling the excitement and anticipation we get as we share in the joy of giving. These women went out of their way to make Mom's spirits bright.
We didn't know it would be her last Christmas, but believe me...thanks to these wonderful caregivers, it was one of the best in a long time. Thank you, Diana Cabassi, for sending these angels to look out for Mom so they could be there for her when we couldn't. We could never thank you enough. May God bless you all.

— Family of Sofia C.

My mother needed some help driving around and was reluctant to impose on her friends, so it started out with a ride to the doctor's, the dentist, the drug store, the grocery. As time went on, she needed a hand with meal prep and some light housekeeping. We were able to set up a regular rotation of helpers who came to the house and she looked forward to their visits. As her strength deteriorated, she wasn't able to get out and about quite as often, so these wonderful caregivers were needed even more. Their companionship gave joy to her days and later, eased her mind about being alone overnight. They quickly went from helpers to friends and eventually became like family. We are so very, very grateful for Seniors Helping Seniors. They gave Mom a way to keep some of her independence, they kept her mind involved and her sense of purpose strong. I believe in my heart that their presence brightened her days, soothed her nights, filled her heart and extended her life. They were there for her when we couldn't be. They are truly angels in training and I thank God for each and every one. -Kim A.

— Kim A.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

— Lisa N.

"It is impossible to be in two places at once. Seniors Helping Seniors has given me peace of mind knowing and feeling confident that I have entrusted my loved one into their care, when I am physically unable too. The compassionate services of Seniors Helping Seniors has been a blessing to both of us."

— Deneen C.

"Seniors Helping Seniors has given me the peace of mind that comes from knowing my mother is being cared for by loving and capable hands. Mom has come to truly love her caregiver. The giggles and fun that they share has certainly eased the frustration and fear brought on by the slow loss of function associated with the aging process. Her caregiver really understand the importance of keeping mom active and participating in life's activities while ensuring her comfort and safety. The flexibility that has been provided by SHS, including taking mom shopping, helping her cook meals for the family, or transporting her to doctor's appointments, has meant that I can perform my demanding responsibilities at work, knowing that Mom is being well cared for. What a God-send!"

— Kelly S.

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