Stories of Love: Meet Barbara

The Scenario

Barbara Levy-Jacobs grew up in Brooklyn, New York going to high school with American singer and actress Barbra Streisand. She now lives in an assisted living facility in the wonderful Broward County, Florida, and has always loved maintaining her independence as much as possible. Barbara did not believe she needed additional help living in the facility, however there were many basic tasks that were becoming more difficult for her to accomplish. “If I bent, I fell,” explained Barbara. “So, I had a grabber which did some stuff, but it wasn’t perfect.”

At one point Barbara slid off the couch and she did not think anything of it at that time. She later found out that she had fractured 2 vertebrae from sliding off the couch. “I thought well I don’t really need anyone,” explained Barbara. “Oh yes you do, yes you do” Barbara’s daughter would reply. “And more and more, now I really need someone,” said Barbara.


Help When You Need It Most

Barbara’s daughter and daughter-in-law began researching different options to help and they found Seniors Helping Seniors. After meeting with Diana Cabassi, owner of Seniors Helping Seniors Southwest Broward, and going through Diana’s unique match-making process, they decided Seniors Helping Seniors was perfect for Barbara’s needs.

Barbara talks about Lori, one of her first caregivers, who helped her during her recovery after the accident. “Lori has gone with me to Miami when I had a transponder implanted in my spine. So, she came with me, then they set me up in the operating room, she was there the whole time, and then we drove home. She is very caring and she’s a wonderful person.”

Barbara Levy-Jacobs with her caregiver Marianella from Seniors Helping Seniors In-Home Senior Care Services in southwest Broward County, Florida. Call us at 954-202-5200.

Barbara with Current Caregiver Marianella.

Barbara has had a few different caregivers over the 5+ years she has been with Seniors Helping Seniors, and she has greatly enjoyed the caregivers and the assistance they all provide. “I love having them and I look forward to going out,” Barbara explained. “Whenever I have a doctor’s appointment, I go to lunch. That’s my present to me. Then I go to the beauty parlor every Friday, I have a standing appointment to have my nails and my hair done.”

Barbara enjoys all the benefits that Seniors Helping Seniors brings to make the best of her daily life. She likes to go to Town Center in Boca to shop, as her dentist is also there, and has a whole list for Bloomingdales. Barbara’s Seniors Helping Seniors caregivers will take her to the stores in her wheelchair, they go to lunch, and they get her nails and hair done.

Barbara Levy-Jacobs getting her nails done at the beauty salon with Seniors Helping Seniors In-Home Senior Care Services in southwest Broward County, Florida. Call us at 954-202-5200.

Barbara enjoying the Beauty Salon.

Barbara Levy-Jacobs getting her hair done at the beauty salon with Seniors Helping Seniors In-Home Senior Care Services in southwest Broward County, Florida. Call us at 954-202-5200.



Voice of the Client

Barbara has formed close bonds with her caregivers and speaks fondly of them. “Lori was one of my favorites,” Barbara said. “We talked about family and the girls, her girls and my children and grandchildren. And even when she first became a grandma, I bought the baby a present; a little stuffed dog, My First Puppy. It just felt like they were family.”

Barbara also talks about how Seniors Helping Seniors has made a change in her life. “I don’t have to worry,” explained Barbara. “I know when they say they are coming at 10:30, they’re coming at 10:30. I know that when I need to be ready, they’re going to be here. They are very responsible. To me they are just like Diana, and that is how I feel about them because they’re just goodness and kindness and sweetness.”

Seniors Helping Seniors Southwest Broward has allowed Barbara to go on social outings to get a break from her assisted living facility while also improving her daily life. With Barbara’s needs being met with a lovely, enjoyable experience, and her children happy with the service.  Seniors Helping Seniors is truly a perfect match for senior caregiver needs.

“If anybody can help, they will” said Barbara. “They’re easy to work with, they’re friendly. It’s like having a new friend, and that’s wonderful.”


Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home senior care services is an exceptional program of care and compassion that matches active seniors who want to help with those who need help.  Our companions can assist with meal preparation, grocery shopping, transportation to doctor appointments or any other errand or outing, light housekeeping, medication reminders, overnight stays, 24/7 care, and much more.

We like to say it's... Like getting a little help from your friends®

We serve throughout southwest Broward County, FL, including the cities of Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Cooper City, Southwest Ranches, Weston, Sunrise, Plantation and surrounding areas.

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