Quilt Making: A Fall Tradition Stitched In Time

September ushers in shorter days and cooler evenings. After a long, blazing summer, Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home services always welcomes the change of pace! This time of year, a patchwork of leaves starts to color the trees, while we all … Read More

Stories of Love: Meet Joanne

The Scenario Joanne Pearcy really enjoys her home in beautiful Broward County, Florida, where she can eat her own home-cooked foods that bring her comfort, surrounded by the things that are familiar to her. However, her children living down in … Read More

Autumn Art: Senior Craft Ideas for Fall

As summer comes to a close in the Southeast, Fall whisks in with milder days and a wonderful slate of seasonal activities. Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home services draws inspiration from the world outside, using Autumn’s fiery landscape to bring light … Read More

Electronic Caregiver - 24/7 Protection On The Go

About Premier The Electronic Caregiver® Premier is not only a smarter and more capable mobile health support system, it’s easier to use. Our customers enjoy 24/7 emergency response, monitored health and medication reminders, and the ability to pinpoint the customer’s location … Read More